Golf Gams Werdenberg – 22/23 October 2022

The season is coming to an end, but it is doing so with fireworks for me!

Indeed, last weekend, the first Race to WAGR was held on the Gams Werdenberg course (St. Gallen).

I finished the first round 1-under par, but in the second round I was on fire! I finished 67 (-5), which got me 1 off the lead.

The last round was great. The leader and I played it on equal terms in a fantastic crescendo.

Finally, the birdie on the last hole enabled me to end the tournament in the lead with -7, winning by one stroke.

So, to sum it up, after 3 exciting rounds I was victorious and entered the prestigious WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking).

A big thank you to my coaches, Emanuele De Giorgi and Richard Adby, who guided and accompanied me through my training, allowing me to arrive at the tournament in top technical form. The preparation with my fitness coach really made the difference on the last couples of holes, which I wouldn’t have been able to sustain without it. But above all, thank you to my performance coach Ian Pick, who followed me on the last day and with whom I prepared the competition to the best of my ability.

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