Here I am!

My name is Massimo De Giorgi and I am an amateur golf player.

Indeed, I have been playing this sport since I was 3 years old. I used to play golf in my garden with plastic toy clubs that my parents had gotten me, together with my dad who is a golf professional.

Since then, golf has always been my greatest passion, and I’m eager for it to become my future as well!

In fact, my forever Big Dream is to become a professional player and be able to obtain and secure a card on the PGA Tour.

Furthermore, last October I was capable of joining the WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking), and was subsequently selected for the Swiss National Team Boys.

As you probably grasped, I always put all the effort possible into my technical, physical and mental preparation!

In one word: I am extremely motivated and determined to become the most successful version of myself.

Follow my steps on this site and, if you wish, help me realise my dream!