Now, let’s discover together my project!

In 10 years’ time, I aspire to be a professional player in one of the major tours, just like my great idol Rory McIlroy! It’s not a simple challenge, but you have to be ambitious because, as Walt Disney said: «All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to chase them ».

But let’s bring it back a few years: in the next two years, that is to say until the end of high school, my goal is to play as many tournaments as possible, both is Switzerland and Europe. By doing so, I aim to improve my European and WAGR ranking.

Moreover, at the end of high school, I hanker to go to the USA to experience College golf and get my Bachelor’s degree in the meantime. College golf has always been attractive to me. It would enable me to keep playing golf at a competitive level without giving up the opportunity to pursuit a college degree

After this journey, the following step will be to turn professional and seek to get a Challenge Tour card, more if possible! As it’s said, the more the better!

Noticeably, these goals require a lot of commitment. Thus, I have a fantastic team that supports me technically, physically and mentally. However, the golf season requires a big financial outlay and my family has limited resources. So, if you want, you can help me achieve my dream by financing part of my season!

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